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[audio]GooseRadio 68 - Ryan Goose Nissley
Rick Perry's yikes-inducing debate is so bad that it has huge quarters of the party questioning him; Mitt stays strong; and will Christie now get in?
Keywords: Mitt Romney; Rick Perry; Chris Christie; Conservative Podcast
Downloads: 58
[audio]GooseRadio 69 - Ryan Goose Nissley
The newest GooseRadio podcast features a chat with Tim Hiatt, our 2nd favorite Democrat in history - bested only by Howard Dean. We speak of 2012 & the ability to have a political disagreement without plucking your opponents spleen out.
Keywords: Conservative Podcast; Mitt Romney; Barack Obama; Rick Perry
Downloads: 81
[audio]Rick Perry's Comin To A Whitehouse Near You
Rick Perry's Comin To A Whitehouse Near You
Keywords: Rick Perry's Comin To A Whitehouse Near You
Downloads: 118
[movies]Governor Rick Perry Remarks at Iowa State Fair : CSPAN : August 17, 2014 5:45pm-6:01pm EDT
Governor Rick Perry talks to supporters at the Iowa State Fair.
Keywords: Governor Rick Perry Remarks at Iowa State Fair; Television Program
Downloads: 5
[audio]BITEaug19 - Boggs
more Perry the governor and his qualifications (?)
Keywords: Rick Perry; HEE HAW; military; fliers; qualifications; pension
Downloads: 147
[audio]The News Briefing: December 9th, 2011
The News Briefing December 9th, 2011
Keywords: the news briefing cheshire home invasions rick perry
Downloads: 5
[audio]NHPGovRickPerry - Jeff Chidester
Our interview with Texas Governor Rick Perry during his visit to New Hampshire during the weekend of August 22/23
Keywords: Texas Governor Rick Perry New Hampshire Perspective Jeff Chidester Interview
Downloads: 7
[audio]The Bitchspot Report Podcast #17 - Cephus/Mike Bohler
Cephus and Mike attack irrationality and stupidity within the atheist community, shake our heads at claims of magical healing and clear pareidolia, facepalm at more Cindy Jacobs religious absurdity and roll our eyes at Rick Perry, not that we really need a reason.  Throw in religious lawsuits and you've got a show!
Keywords: podcast; atheism; irrationality; Cindy Jacobs; religion; Rick Perry; Vatican; pareidolia
Downloads: 51
[audio]CSA Episode 203 - no really, Newt? - Countless Screaming Arognauts
Today we find the usual set of Republican heroes going out of their way to keep us entertained. Max and the Fab look at the ever changing presidential primary season and throw up their hands. Doesn't anyone like Mitt Romney?
Keywords: T Fab P; Maqz; Mitt; Newt; Rick Perry; Occupy Wall Street; pepper spray
Downloads: 14
[audio]2014: Year of the Blob of Tissue! - The 414 Project - 10.03.13 - 414 Project
After complaining earlier this year that her great-grandmother didnât have the ability to abort and kill her grandmother, Dorothy, Chelsea Clinton has contradicted herself once again. This time, the former First Daughter has decided to honor the passing of Dorothy (at age 92) by having a baby of her own. And apparently feeling no shame over the fact that she celebrates child killing, she has dubbed 2014 âThe Year of the Babyâ (we can only assume she meant âBlob of Tissueâ or âRandom Pack o...
Keywords: 414 Project; Peter Heck; Chelsea Clinton; Year of the Baby; Anita Perry; Rick Perry; abortion
Downloads: 43
[audio]Making Rick Perry Meaner
Making Rick Perry Meaner
Keywords: Making Rick Perry Meaner; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 104
[texts]Fetish of George W. Bush - one very disappointed citizen
George W. Bush has a fetish for involving himself in the death process of others.
Keywords: george w. bush; fetish; death; Texas Governor Rick Perry; Munchausen by Proxy
Downloads: 33
[audio]Rick Perry - The Jefferson Davis Candidate For President - Sly in the Morning
Texas is a state I will never understand. Their current governor, Rick Perry, said back in 2008 that Texas has the right and the option to secede from the United States of America. Now Perry is running for President. How can you flirt around the edges of secession in 2008 and then run for President of that "oppressive nation" just two years later?
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; 1670 WTDY; secession; secede; Madison; Wisconsin; Rick Perry; Texas; presidential; president; debate
Downloads: 97
[audio]Rick Perry Playing God
Rick Perry Playing God
Keywords: Rick Perry Playing God; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 82
[audio]Episode 191 "Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann's Holy War,and Dumb Not So Dumb" - CSA Podcast
Tonight Maqz and T Fab P return to the site of a prehistorical religious and Bacchanalian temple only to find Rick Perry. Along the way Matt Taibbi tell's of Michele Bachman's holy war on the U.S. Constitution. Penguin wants to save money by killing less people and acting more like Walt Disney. What a show!
Keywords: Michele Bachmann; Rick Perry; Matt Taibbi; capital punishment; Gobekli Tepe; beer; titanium testicles
Downloads: 162
[audio]More Than Right Podcast 29 - Stephen Z. Nemo
Drunken Democrats indict Texas Gov. Rick Perry; Al Gore sues Al Jazeera; and billionaire George Soros prepares for a market crash.
Keywords: Gov. Rick Perry; drunken Democrats; Al Gore sues Al Jazeera; George Soros prepares for market crash
Downloads: 5
[audio]BITEaug16 - Boggs
the newest candidate for the nomination and what's in the cave
Keywords: Rick Perry; Ted Nugent; Al Gore; fat; cave; falls; president; tourist
Downloads: 142
[movies]Rick Perry Gets Some Love From Fox and Then He Doesn't
Fox News gives plenty of time to political conservatives but that doesn't mean every one of them gets a pass. Just ask Rick Perry who gets tons of love from Neil Cavuto and then two hours later gets the tough Bill O'Reilly treatment from the skeptical Fox News star.
Keywords: news&information; rick perry; neil cavuto; bill oreilly; perry obama lazy; obama lazy; perry ad lazy
Downloads: 2
[audio]Episode 45 - Self Narration - Our Four Cents
Episode 45
Keywords: our four cents; mark smidt; zach arneman; comedy; headlines; rick perry; trancers; helen hunt
Downloads: 92
[audio]Rag Radio 2014-09-05 -- Texans for Public Justice Director Craig McDonald on the Rick Perry Indictment - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Craig McDonald is the founder and director of Texans for Public Justice (TPJ) a public interest anti-corruption nonprofit that filed the complaint against Texas Gov. Rick Perry that led to the felony indictment charging Perry with "coercion of a public servant and misuse of official capacity." The group's 2005 criminal complaint against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his Texans for a Republican Majority Pac resulted in a number of felony convictions and drove DeLay to resign from Congress...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Thorne Dreyer: Craig McDonald; Texans for Public Justice; Rick Perry; Tom DeLay
Downloads: 60
[audio]MSS 0055 30 June 2013
On the show this week were:  AronRa, c0nc0rdance, TheHogTieChamp and a late appearance by thunderf00t.Topics included:the hot weather in Texas, over-heating, Rick Perry, Wendy Davies, filibustering, government surveillance, abortion and more.
Keywords: aronra; c0nc0rdance; TheHogTieChamp; thunderf00t; Rick Perry; Texas; Wendy Davis
Downloads: 675
[audio]Edge of Chaos - July 26, 2013 - Joe Ryan & Neurotoxin
Edge Of Chaos is a political podcast occasionally dealing with mature subject matter including news and other current events. In this episode we discuss "The Man Behind the Curtain" and the various signs of political realignment that are all around us, and whether this indicates a failure of long-used political tricks and techniques in the face of increasing use of social media and the availability of basic information on the Internet...
Keywords: NSA; Gasland 2; news; opinion; politics; commentary; current events; fracking; Rick Perry; Rand Paul
Downloads: 27
[movies]The Oops Moment - Year In Review, 2011 [PROMO]
Join Chaz Mannenheim as he recaps his recap of the top news stories of the year. The BreakThruRadioTV Year In Review will premiere in early January.
Keywords: news&information; chaz mannenheim; breakthru radio; month in review; year in review; rick perry; 2011
Downloads: 8
[audio]A Christmas List Only Santa Can Fill - Mary Fran Bontempo
A Woman offers suggestions for a few hard-to-buy for people on Santa's list.
Keywords: Christmas; lists; Santa; Kardashian; Trump; Republicans; Michelle Bachman; Rick Perry; Herman Caine
Downloads: 14
[audio]Rick Perry Jumps Ship
Rick Perry Jumps Ship
Keywords: Rick Perry Jumps Ship; sly in the morning; 106.7; fm; 1670; am; wtdy; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 80
[audio]Tea bagging for Jesus - Generation Waiting
This week, Cody and Tank discuss the most recent primary debates and go back to their roots to predict the 2011 Emmy's!
Keywords: Ron Paul; Rick Perry; Rick Parry; tea party; Mad men; generation waiting; generation in waiting; Cody Hobbs; Andrew Edgecomb; Tank
Downloads: 9
[movies]Infowars Nightly News with Alex Jones - Monday September 26 2011
On the Monday, September 26, edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones interviews economist and author John Perkins about the bankster elite and their globalist crime syndicate. Perkins is the author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire. Alex also talks about the rise and fall of the Rick Perry campaign and covers the Texas governor's numerous lies, including his claim that he does not support a NAFTA Super Highway in the state...
Keywords: Alex Jones; Infowars Nightly News; Infowars Special Reports; Prison Planet TV; John Perkins; Economy; Rick Perry; NAFTA; DHS; Mountain Guardian
Downloads: 57
[audio]Rick Perry's Bodyguard Is His Wife
Rick Perry's Bodyguard Is His Wife
Keywords: Rick Perry's Bodyguard Is His Wife; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 99
[audio]Rick Perry: Obama Soft On Israel's Defense
Rick Perry: Obama Soft On Israel's Defense
Keywords: Rick Perry: Obama Soft On Israel's Defense; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 100
It's a party in our heads and we want you all to come! Taking our little cleavage light into the dark places, we ponder how many lives have taken the wrong fork in the road on account of the phrase, "No Experience Required," cleverly-placed fur, things that are GOOD for you, duck junk, porn funded by Rick Perry, in-fighting among gay bears, and being wary of Google search results. Special PSA of the Day: Next time you find yourself complaining about your life, remember there are those who wake u...
Downloads: 63
[movies]Infowars Nightly News with Alex Jones - September 6 2011
Alex Jones LIVE: FEMA Stand Down in Texas Alex Jones will start tonightâs episode of Infowars Nightly News LIVE with breaking information on the fires spreading across central Texas and FEMAâs order to volunteer firefighters and local response units to leave the scene. This treasonous stand down under President Obama echoes the actions of FEMA under President Bush during Hurricane Katrina, where the devastation of natural events is made dramatically worse by the federal governmentâs response...
Keywords: Alex Jones; Infowars Nightly News; Special Reports; Prison Planet TV; FEMA; Texas; wildfires; fires; Rick Perry; Fukushima; Gerald Celente; economy
Downloads: 50
[audio]Rag Radio 10-20-2009 / Criminal Justice, the Death Penalty, and Texas Politics - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
-A discussion of issues involving criminal justice and Texas politics, with an emphasis on the death penalty and Texas Gov. Rick Perry's controversial handling of the execution of alleged arsonist Cameron Todd Willingham. Guests:*Glenn W. Smith, prominent political consultant and founder of Texas political blog, Dog Canyon.*Steve Hall of the StandDown Texas Project, an organization that advocates a moratorium on executions in Texas, and a state-sponsored review of Texas' application of the death...
Keywords: -Steve Hall, Glenn W. Smith, Criminal Justice, Death Penalty, Texas Politics, Dog Canyon, Rick Perry, Willingham Execution, StandDown Texas
Downloads: 24
[movies]Republican Contenders - BTR Pulse [ep41]
Strolling around Madison Square Park in NYC's Flatiron District, we ask people if any of the Republican candidates for President in the 2012 election cycle look enticing... Featured Song: "Tonight's the Kind of Night" by Noah and the Whale
Keywords: news&information; michele bachmann; rick perry; mitt romney; republican candidates; 2010 election; gop; madison square park; btr pulse
Downloads: 1
[audio]2014 08 22 Uprising - Sonali Kolhatkar and Bipasha Shom
Daily Digest 08222014
Keywords: Citizens United; Michele Sutter; California; Proposition 49; Hakim Bellamy; Poet Laureate; Albuquerque; Maya Rockeymoore; Rick Perry; James Moore
Downloads: 109
Palestinian Statehood Bid,Egypt,Rick Perry and Christian Right
Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Nadia Hijab; Issandr al Amrani; Michelle Goldberg; Egypt; Rick Perry; Christian Right; UN; Palestine; statehood
Downloads: 103
[audio]Ellen Ratner July 16 2014 - Gary Baumgarten
Talk Radio News Service Washington Bureau chief Ellen Ratner speaks with Gary Baumgarten for the Paltalk News Network about Darrell Issa's attempts to subpoena a White House official, how Iran sanctions may be hurting the United States, Rick Perry and Rand Paul's latest sparring and the CDC admitting blame for the anthrax exposure. 
Keywords: Talk Radio News Service; Ellen Ratner; Gary Baumgarten; Paltalk News Network; Issa; Rick Perry; Rand Paul; CDC; anthrax
Downloads: 3
[audio]Rag Radio 2014-10-17 - Talking Politics and the 2014 Elections with Glenn Smith - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Progress Texas PAC director Glenn W. Smith, who frequently appears on Rag Radio as a political analyst, managed Ann Richards' winning Texas gubernatorial campaign in 1990. Glenn has coordinated national campaigns and has worked for former Texas Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby and U.S. Sen. Lloyd Bentsen. A former political reporter for the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post, Glenn is the author of The Politics of Deceit: Saving Freedom and Democracy from Extinction...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Thorne Dreyer; Glenn Smith; Texas Politics; 2014 Elections; Political Consultants; Voter Suppression; Wendy Davis; Rick Perry
Downloads: 14
[audio]Rick Perry - Double Dippin Lonestar
Rick Perry - Double Dippin Lonestar
Keywords: Rick Perry - Double Dippin Lonestar; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin106.7; fm
Downloads: 108
[image]Rick Perry dropped out, but he's still on Frank Chu's sign DSC_0397 - Steve Rhodes
At least today He also has a Romney sign
Keywords: occupy wall street; protest; occupy; financial district; occupy wall street west; j20; ows; occupysf; owswest; owsw; San Francisco; CA; SF; California; 2012; frank chu; rick perry
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Romney wins big in NH primary - TheBlaze
As expected former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney scored a decisive victory in the New Hampshire primary yesterday, netting nearly 40% of the vote.
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; Glenn Beck; 2012 Election; analysis; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Mitt Romney; Radio Program; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; highlight; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Embeddable; Rick Perry
Downloads: 7
[movies]Hartmann: Big Picture Rumble - 4000+ Occupiers & 0 Banksters Now Arrested - TheBigPictureRT
Erikka Knuti, Democratic Strategist & Derek Hunter, Townhall & David Martosko, Daily Caller all join Thom Hartmann. A new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - or CBPP - shows there could be twice as many people in poverty...if Republicans get their way. Around the world - more than 4000 patriots have been arrested in the OWS movement. How many banksters in the US have been arrested for their crimes on Wall Street though? Gitmo is officially the world's most expensive prison - S...
Keywords: ows; Thom Hartmann; Big Picture; thebigpicturert; rtamerica; RT America; RTTV; Erikka Knuti; Derek Hunter; Townhall; David Martosko; Daily Caller; Gitmo; Rick Perry; OWS
Downloads: 3
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: New Hampshire Primary - TheBlaze
Scott, S.E. Cupp, and Will Cain discuss the New Hampshire primary
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; 2012 Election; analysis; highlight; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Embeddable; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Mitt Romney; Glenn Beck Program; S.E. Cupp; Rick Perry
Downloads: 6
[audio]Total Non-Sequitur: Episode 57- So To Speak - Total Non-Sequitur
In this one My Chauffeur is a sex crime fairy, so to speak.
Keywords: podcast; comedy; chris taylor show; my chauffer; Deborah Foreman; rick perry; border towns; dolphin; sex; nude; jumpsuit; fur coat; alice in chains; frizzle fry; penn and teller
Downloads: 60
[audio]CSA Episode 198 September 12, 2011 "A little bit of everything..." - CSA Podcast / 8 Beer Sampler Productions
In tonight's episode T Fab P and Maqz delve into a little politics with Rick Perry, Michele Bachman, Republican polls, possible 3rd party in election, Bloomberg, and Ross Perot. Then they get into some internet oddities like iceberg towing, Genghis Khan, a man who blows dick off, and yebrah. So its a little of this and a little of that.
Keywords: Rick Perry; Michele Bachman; Republican polls; 3rd party; Bloomberg; Ross Perot; iceberg towing; The Atlantic; Ghengis Khan; man blows dick off; yebrah; Maqz; t fab p
Downloads: 39
[audio]Rag Radio 2011-08-26 / Political Analyst Glenn W Smith on Rick Perry and the 'Texas Miracle' - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Progressive blogger, author, and political consultant Glenn W. Smith discusses Rick Perry's candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination -- with topics ranging from Perry's legendary vanity to the myth of his alleged "Texas Miracle." Smith, a former reporter for the Houston Chronicle and Houston Post, has covered and worked around Rick Perry since the 1980s. Smith, who created the Dog Canyon website and also blogs at Firedoglake and The Huffington Post, ran Ann Richards' successful campa...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Thorne Dreyer; Glenn W Smith; Rick Perry; Republican Primary; Texas Politics; Allan Campbell; Texas Observer; Abby Rapoport; Forrest Wilder
Downloads: 44
[audio]The Dark Side Bump - Generation Waiting
This week, Ron Paul cashes in on the Dark Side bump, Tank and Cody share their distaste for Whitney Cummings, and go over the SAG nominations. They also have a special announcement for 2012!
Keywords: Ron Paul; Iowa; Stephen Colbert; Politics; Rick Perry; wrestling; Whitney Cummings; Two Broke girls; Cody Hobbs; andrew edgecomb; generation in waiting
Downloads: 13
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: Foreign Policy in 2012 - TheBlaze
Glenn discusses the foreign policy of Ron Paul, Rick Perry and what is coming in the Middle East
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; Glenn Beck; Radio Program; 2012 Election; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; analysis; highlight; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Texas; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Embeddable; Rick Perry
Downloads: 4
[audio]Edge of Chaos - June 29, 2013 - Joe Ryan & Neurotoxin
Edge Of Chaos is a political podcast occasionally dealing with mature subject matter including news and other current events. In this episode we discuss the recent Supreme Court rulings including DOMA, Prop 8 and the Voting Rights Act. Later we discuss the decline of both theo-fascism as well as Wendy Davis, the Texas abortion bill, and the general decline of federal enforcement authority in wake of the recent SCOTUS rulings.
Keywords: Supreme Court; SCOTUS; Wendy Davis; theo--fascism; Texas abortion bill; John Roberts; Rick Perry; Filibuster; DOMA; Voting Rights Act; news; opinion; commentary; current events
Downloads: 23
[movies]The BlazeTV Highlights: GOP Showdown at Isle of Skulls - TheBlaze
Reporting on location from the Isle of Skulls where Republican presidential contenders battle to the death.
Keywords: theblaze; gbtv; beck_archive; The BlazeTV Highlights; 2012 Election; Shareable PlayOnFacebook; highlight; B. S. of A; GBTV_SHORT_FEATURE; Embeddable; MEDIA_ARCHIVE; Mitt Romney; Rick Perry; feature segment
Downloads: 9
[movies]Sean Hannity Gives Rick Perry a Pass
What a coup for Fox News' Sean Hannity. On the very night Herman Cain blames Rick Perry for leaking the sexual harassment and payoff story, Perry is booked as Hannity's guest. What a great opportunity. Except Sean didn't ask anything at all about Cain's charges or the scandal swirling around him. FAIL.
Keywords: news&information; herman cain; rick perry; sean hannity; fox news; perry hannity cain; perry hannity interview; cain blames perry; cain sex harass; cain sexual harassment; perry leak cain
Downloads: 4
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